‘Leading a Life by Design’


More than Mind presents:‘Leading a Life by Design’

October 14th & 15th - Hilton Irvine

Thank you for accepting our invitation to pivot towards untapped opportunities. Both personally and professionally, we are constantly faced with change and challenges. Old ways of being and doing may not serve you today, especially after a global pandemic, therefore it’s crucial that we grow new skills and usher in a more effective mindset as life happens.

To start with – forget about masters and gurus. These are terms and titles tied into unattainable perfectionist mindsets that hold us back, making us more dependent on external sources. We are architects and authors, each eager to design and describe this story we call life. By the way, there is nothing wrong with you. You may be making wrong choices, or in the wrong relationship, or stuck in the wrong job but those decisions do not define your core character or competencies. You are whole, unique and resourceful. Beautiful in so many ways! And in our effort to grow as human beings into ‘human becomings’, we need to raise our awareness and wakefulness to the difference between living by default versus leading a life by design.

Join us for this 2 day journey of exploration, enablement and enthusiasm as Dr. Shaheem, Shally Zomorodi and incredible thinkers and doers from a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds work with you as thinking partners, using scientific research based findings and years of field experience, in how to create a more enjoyable and meaningful existence.

Who is this conference for?

- People who have families

- People who work

- People who have hurt

- People who have healed

- People who exercise

- People who love

- People who grow

(Get the point?)

Our main objectives: - This will be a feast for the mind, body, heart and soul because each dimension deserves equal attention - All learning sessions aim to provide you with practical tools applicable to both your private and professional lives- We will laugh, learn, lament and lean into uncovering your true purpose and potential - You are the expert and architect of YOU – we simply will provide you with a whole host of psychological and wellbeing tools for you to more effectively lead and live by design

Our main values:- Passion - Leadership - Joy - Abundance - Courage - Community - Growth - Well-being

* EARLY REGISTRATION* Register for the contreat between now and March 31st and you will be invited to a special and intimate welcome cocktail mixer on the evening of Thursday Octobter 13th. Location and details will be sent directly to you. Shally Zomorodi, Dr. Shaheem and special guests will be at this mixer.

* ALL ATTENDEES will receive a Leading a Life by Design welcome bag loaded with goodies inside.

Hilton Irvine providing discounted room rates for the contreat at $149.00 a night. After registration a welcome packet will be sent to your email with details on the event and how to book a hotel.

Please contact event organizer for refunds.

Ticketing fees included in registration cannot be refunded.

For more information on the event email haseyaevents@gmail.com

The More Than Mind Committee invites submissions of research papers/seminar ideas for presentation at our ‘Leading a Life by Design’ Conference/Retreat 2022. 
The ConTreat will be taking place on October 14th & 15th in Irvine California and you could be chosen as one of the presenters to be part of this unique, exciting, inspiring program.

The deadline to submit your bio (not more than 500 words) and abstract for the conference (not more than 700 words) is Friday May 1st 2022.